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Six Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing For Business

June 10, 2016


Times are changing. When was the last time you actually looked at an ad you received in the mail? Yeah, me either.

Social Media Marketing or SMM as we’d like to call it – is a responsive and engaging way to market your business. There are limitless options when engaging with your fans and followers on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Here are our top seven reasons to switch to social media marketing:

  1. Visuals:Customers love to see the actual product or service in motion. Visuals evoke emotion and make the viewer feel like they should be there. This may give them some serious FOMO (fear of missing out. With traditional advertising, your photo-quality won’t be as great once it makes it to the person’s doorstep. But social media is a cheap and effective way to get your message across. Snap one picture from your smartphone or digital camera, put a pretty filter on it, and caption it – BAM! Done!
  2. Branding:Using hashtags is the way to do it these days in the world of social media. As much as you may hate the idea of using them – they’re effective. Using a hashtag is easy, but remember you must stay relevant. How so? Try a #National(Insert Name Here)Day or how about a great #WantItWednesday? They’re easy to look up to see what’s trending. This is a great way to also use your slogan or tagline. Some great brands have some awesome hashtags. Target just introduced #TargetRun to their roster. How easy and relevant! They’re staying consistent with their brand message and having fun with it at the same time.
  3. Promoting: So promoting your business used to be a lot harder with traditional advertising. With Social Media you can use 140 characters or less to get your message across about your new product or promotion. Go a flash sale? Its up in minutes! No more need to go through the long chase of getting marketing materials together and sending in mailers – which take time and cost money. Devote $10-20 to an event or promoting your page and you’ve suddenly got fans and customers interested – now that was easy!
  4. Cost Effectiveness: Get a few creative posts together and all you need to spend is a few bucks before you have an ad going and creating buzz. Now, instead of paying a few hundred dollars to be featured in a magazine, you have your target market looking at your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even twitter using Social Media Advertising. You’ll save your businesses money on advertising and can put it towards somewhere else.
  5. Increase Your Conversion Rate: This one is simple. Drop a link to your website and your followers will be able to click on your link. Just as long as you can write up something attention grabbing (not click-bait), you will be come noticed, or rather so will your website.
  6. Emotion & Engagement: We’re not just talking about emoji’s – though we really love those too. But also, you can connect with your customers like you’ve never seen before using your social media posts, tweets, and ads to have a conversation with your target market. This is probably the most important plus side to social media marketing, and best way to grab your viewer’s attention. You can now answer questions and interact with your target consumer. You can ask questions, they can ask questions and you both will get the right answers using social media. A simple question can be answered in minutes and seconds, and a sale can be made as well as a click to your website. How fantastic!

The reasons to switch to Social Media Marketing are ever increasing. Now that you have a general overview of why, now why not just me us know what you think about Social Media Marketing? Drop me a comment or an email at and I will be sure to respond to you right away. Be sure to ask us about our Social Media Packages in case you want a little leg-up with your Social Media. Think of it as a Spa Day for your business 😉 Until next time!

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