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How To Have a More Productive Week

August 11, 2017

If you saw my last Instagram post, you will know that I’ve had sort of a draining week. And, because I work from home (an environment I normally thrive in), this means I have to keep my week as productive as possible. I decided to do my research, ask everyone, and compile a list of things that will help me, and hopefully, help you in the future.

Start Off the Week Like a Rock Star

Okay, so this week you probably noticed that I did not post much to Instagram. Simply put, I did NOT start off my week like a rock star. First off, I was not excited about how my photos turned out, which made me less excited to post. I love posting GREAT quality photos, and, if they do not work with my feed I would rather post nothing than just anything.

Second, of all, I had some thing pop up with work that kept me too busy. As many of you know, blogging is my second job, which makes my life super busy. And just the overall lack of energy this week, not MY week. But that’s OK, and I will tell you why…

Some weeks just are not for us. I think of every day as a day to press restart. But, sometimes that exhaustion can carry throughout the week. I WISH I started my week off not putting out fires, not feeling drained, but I did. Time to restart next week like a rockstar and get things done early…

Do The #1 Thing on Your List FIRST

This is another mistake I made this week. I did not feel like getting up early to write my blog posts. I did that today, and that’s OKAY. I like to get my blog posts done about an hour before I start my full-time job, then work out during my break. Life happened. Time to get on track next week.

There are certain things I have to knock off my list daily: work emails, blog emails, work tasks, work outs, etc. This leads me to my next point…

Make a List with the Most Important…

The most important tasks at the top, put your top three things you MUST do today. Then work in your other daily routines. I find that I thrive on routines, and this week I did not stick to it. I should have written down the top three on the top. I feel like a rock star when I cross out everything on my list and everything (or most) are completed in one day. I feel so accomplished.

Set Goals and (try to) Stick to Them

Even if they are smaller goals. It feels so much better when you write these down each month and see how much progress you have made. Right now I am in the process of working on my blogging goals, which I have written down and plan on sticking to. Sometimes life does get in the way, so if they do not pan out the exact way you wanted them to, do not be too disappointed, just carry out those goals in a more reasonable time.

Finally, Set Some “ME” Time

If not, you are going to hit a wall. Try not to burn yourself out. Set a time where you can relax, unplug, and not deal with business. This is one of my biggest struggles because my job is all about being “on” all the time. You do not have to. Go for a hike, turn your phone off, take a bubble bath, do what you want.

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