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What I’ve Been Up To

August 29, 2017

It has been a couple weeks since I rounded up my latest and greatest. I decided today’s post would be all about what I have been up to in my life!

What I Have Been Up To:

Sorry for being MIA lately. To be honest, I have had so much going on with work and some other stuff stressing me out. However, amidst the chaos that ensued, I still have had some joyful moments in the past week or so!




Anniversary Weekend Fun:

The weekend before last was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. We honestly had no clue how to celebrate it since we discussed combining it with my birthday in a couple of weeks. So, we kind of took the weekend as it came and went on a little hiking adventure, then went out to the Chicago Brauhaus for some good old German beer and pretzels. It was my first time, surprisingly. I definitely enjoyed sitting outside and listening to the live band, and really enjoyed my food and beer. If you follow me on Insta Stories, you know exactly what I saw. Then we went home and had a relaxing night in, and finished up watching the first season of Ozark on Netflix. I loved Ozark, it is very similar to Bloodline, given that it is gritty and a crime drama. However, it is really full of way more blood and crazy stuff than Bloodline had. I still loved it though. Do not worry, my lips are sealed with all the spoilers. Check it out for yourself!

On that note, I have no clue what Andy has planned for my birthday/anniversary present this year. I am sure I will tell you once I know!

This past Friday, Andy and I had a little date night to cheer me up from the no-good week I had previously. He really does a great job cheering me up. He came home with flowers for me, a very unexpected surprise! Then we got burgers and went to see Hitman & The Body Guard. The Rotten Tomatoes rating was not all great, but the audience score was. I love anything with Ryan Reynolds. It is definitely a MUST SEE and put me in such a good mood!


Similar Romper


Saturday, I had brunch with the ladies at a little spot near me called, Fork. I have been there a few times this year. It is now my go-to brunch spot when someone comes to my neck of the woods. I definitely suggest trying it if you are in the area and want to try something new for brunch or for dinner. Their specialty is the duck, which is my favorite. They have a few ways to eat it. I suggest getting the sandwich, which has goat cheese and a yummy jam on it. Everything I love in a sandwich. We all enjoyed catching up on Saturday, and it was definitely a treat!

I found time on Saturday to stop by the mall and pick up two outfits at the Gap, which will be featured in the next week or so. You will have to wait and see, but I got EVERYTHING 40% off and spent less than $200. SCORE! Later on, I headed home and watched the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight with my beau. It was definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime fights, well worth the money spent, even though McGregor did not win. :/ We loved that we were able to watch it from the comfort of being at home instead of going out to a crowded bar. Then, Sunday we went on a brunch date to the Bongo Room in Andersonville. It was our second time there together, however our first time trying the Andersonville location. I must say, I loved the design of this location much better, and they had way more seating than their Wicker Park location. It got a bit noisy in the room we were sat in, however. Next time I would love to try the patio area – it looked super nice and relaxing. The food was great, as always. I got an omelet and kept it a little more healthy, while Andy got these amazing raspberry pancakes. YUM. You know that I tried a few bites. 😉

We also scored some delicious Jeni’s Ice Cream, which is one of my faves. This one is the salted peanut butter chocolate chip (I may have fudged the name a bit). I am not much of a cone person, but theirs is by far the best I have ever had!


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