New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

September 14, 2017

It’s THAT time of the year again! Nope, not JUST my birthday, but also, FASHION WEEK!!

So, if you did not already know, New York Fashion Week is pretty much the biggest thing, like, ever. They are usually held around this time, for Spring 2018, in September and then again, for Fall 2018, in February. This is where you are going to get a first-hand look at what are going to be the hot new trends next year.

New York Spring Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear 2018

I have always wanted to go to Fashion Week, but unfortunately, my schedule did not work out so I could go this year. Maybe next year? *sigh* Either way, I still love researching the new designs for ready-to-wear.

This year, from what I can tell, I am seeing a lot of what we are starting to see come out for Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2017: Lots of ruffles and satiny fabrics. Everything about this season and next season reminds me of the 90’s.

Another trend I am seeing: utilitarian. The trench coats, cargo, almost worker-wear. This is very similar to how McDonald’s recently changed their work uniforms. Very futuristic-like.

Anyway, here are my top five trends popping up in the ready-to-wear part of New York Fashion Week spring 2018:

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta spring 2018 collection is one of my favorites. I am so glad that the strappy looks from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s are coming back, and I am ready to embrace it. I love the clean design, very classic, which is very much like my style.

Gabriela Hearst

Speaking of trench coats, this trench is great with its own clean lines, but here we are with the utilitarian colors. It reminds me of 1940’s era military meets 2018. Very cool, I am not sure this look is for me, but still awesome. I love the hidden buttons on this one!

Michael Kors Collection

Back to utilitarian. His collection is a Hawaii meets WWII in spring 2018. The shoes are a call-out to the 90’s Birkenstocks, which are now back with a vengeance. If I end up planning a trip to Hawaii or Tahiti next year, I’ll be sure to look up this collection again.

The Row

Utilitarian meets modern-day here, with The Row. I do love these sharp lines, I’m just not sure if I can do this color scheme. I love the shape of the top and jacket combo. I also think I could pull off the pants with this look, just maybe not with this color, I cannot decide!

Carolina Herrera

This dress is my favorite out of Carolina Herrera’s new ready-to-wear collection. Her style is so classic and you can just tell the best quality. This is another 90’s style making its way back, or 40’s depending on how you look at it. Definitely, check out her entire collection online.

There we have it – my picks for New York Spring Fashion Week 2017! Tell me what you think about this year’s fashion week! Maybe you can join me at the runway shows next year?


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