Affordable Athletic Wear From GAP

September 19, 2017

BREAKING NEWS — I do not live on a salary that allows me to buy super expensive athletic wear (just yet). Shocking, right?!

Affordable Athletic Wear

We all know a certain brand (that is named after a fruit) can end up costing $60+tax just for shorts, or a jacket that costs way more than what I want to spend. It just does not make sense for me (right now at least) to purchase workout clothes that cost an arm and a leg.

A few weeks ago I strolled into my nearest GAP, wandering aimlessly. I stumbled upon their GAPfit line, which also happened to be 40% off that weekend, and is probably marked down now too. Not going to lie, I hate running, but this workout gear has given me more motivation to push myself to go running in the mornings to get my day started off fresh.

This workout tank, a lovely plum color, perfect for fall: Originally, I found this at $39.95 (40% off this price). It is comfortable and features a built-in bra. Plus, I love the super stylish straps. Not going to lie, getting it on is a little confusing because there are the mesh straps for extra support while you sweat as well. I got over that in about two seconds, however.

These heather gray shorts are soooooo comfortable. I will admit, that I wear them to run errands and not just work out (face it, you do it too). They have a little zip pocket on the back so you can put your keys in there if you choose to do so. Now, I know temperatures are expected to cool off for fall, but here in Chicago, we have some seriously hot weather this year. I love wearing shorts to workout, and these guys fit the bill. Plus, at 40% off of $34.95, they are a pretty awesome bargain.

On that note, I go running in the park in the mornings, and my arms get kind of chilly at first. This sculpt compression half-zip is perfect to throw on when it gets a little chilly. It is super comfortable and does not feel like you are being squeezed like some others might. This pullover has an extra little pocket you can store your keys in, too. Originally, this pullover was around $69, but with the 40% off, it was a steal!

These Nike shoes, I bought over a month ago. They are perfect for people like me, who do all sorts of workouts. They go from running to circuits to lifting real quick. They are super stylish as well as comfortable on my feet. I’ve had the Nike Frees in the past, but these ones are my favorite and unintentionally match this outfit to a T. Plus, I can wear them around the city with casual clothes, too!

All in all, I got this entire outfit for less than $150, if you do not count the shoes. I believe I will be going to GAP more often for their athletic wear. Who needs expensive brands when you have comfortable, durable, clothes with a great value!


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