Helicopter Ride Over Chicago

October 10, 2017

A little over a week ago we celebrated Andy’s birthday. How lucky are we to have such close birthdays?! It was so hard to keep his birthday surprise from him. He is the most impossible when it comes to surprises, especially since he has really good taste! I originally wanted to take him high in the sky when he first moved to Chicago, but at the time we were in a new relationship and were so busy going back and forth visiting one another.

Andy was really hoping for a new drone, but I think having the experience of flying on top of one of the biggest cities in the world is one of a kind. I decided to book through Chicago Helicopter Experience after purchasing their Groupon deal for a sunset helicopter ride over the city. Scheduling with Chicago Helicopter Experience was a breeze. I was able to schedule our helicopter ride right at sunset for his big day.

I revealed Andy’s big birthday surprise on his birthday card. He was feeling blah about getting older, and I just knew this would cheer him up! We were so excited to go on this helicopter ride. Andy loves taking pictures on his DSLR and was so excited to be able to capture amazing images in real time.

We arrived around six p.m. at the concourse and got to hang around their mini museum. I have lived in Illinois for the greater part of my life, and found out some facts such as: did you know that Navy Pier used to be the home to the University of Chicago? Pretty cool! We also spent some time looking at all the cool different types of helicopters, educating ourselves while we waited to board.

Boarding was pretty easy: we watched a three-minute video on safely getting into the helicopter and followed the crew’s instructions. We lined up and got aboard the helicopter. Andy and I were lucky enough to get front-row seats with the pilot. I sat in between the pilot and Andy, who got the window seat (lucky him!). It was the perfect seat for him to capture footage he is going to use to create a YouTube video about.

Taking off was a breeze! We hardly felt a thing. The pilot was friendly as he spoke to us over his headset and straight into our headsets. There were no words for how beautiful the city looked at sunset that night. First off, it was clear out with some clouds from earlier in the background. The only part that gave me any anxiety at all was being out in the middle of the lake. I tried not to look down as we flew over! Eek! That anxiety only lasted a couple of seconds as I got to work, taking videos for my SnapChat! 😉

We flew over Navy Pier and all around the Chicago skyline to get the perfect shots! There was a Cubs game going on, so we were even able to capture Wrigley Field from the north side of the city.

Shortly thereafter, we made out way back to the concourse on the south side of the city. The most beautiful shot was heading that way, towards the John Hancock building, Lake Shore Drive, and Navy Pier. The ride was relatively short and yet exciting being on top of the city! My mind was mesmerized about how beautiful it really was. The ride completed and we landed very easily. I get more anxiety landing in a plane. This is definitely one of those bucket list items I would love just to relive over and over again! The Chicago Helicopter Experience made Andy’s birthday and it made my day too! I definitely recommend trying it if you are in Chicago. You will not regret it!

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