Holiday Shopping Gift Guide: $100 and Under

November 21, 2017

The holidays are here! This is the first of several holiday gift guides I’ve created for everyone to shop with. Let’s also talk about things to do during the holiday season. In the next series of posts, I will be throwing in my ideas for you this year.



My Favorite Holiday Attraction in Chicago

I’m a little bit of everything when it comes to my heritage, but what I am mostly in German. My grandmother came to Chicago from Germany more than half a century ago, and I have German in other sides of the family. So, needless to say, I grew up very German. Many Chicagoans share my heritage, and so a big tradition of ours is the Chicago Chriskidle Market, or ‘Christkindlemart.’ I go just about every year. Its a little mini village set up in the heart of Chicago with booths that look like taverns offering potato pancakes, schnitzel, pretzels, and other German treats. There is also the famous German beer and hot wine mugs, which is a must. You can stroll around tents that have ornaments, wooden trinkets, clocks, and even giant cookies!

If you are visiting Chicago, this is definitely a must! This year, there is a location downtown Chicago, one next to Wrigley Field, and another in the suburbs. Christkindlmart is definitely for anyone, whether or not you are German.

My favorite part of this tradition is the potato pancakes. They are always the best, and I’m not sure if it is just me or not, but taste better each year that I go. You can definitely count me at the potato pancake stand this year.

My second favorite, of course, is the hot wine. Hot wine is a German tradition around the holidays. And on cold days, you can bet it warms your tummy up perfectly.

The Wrigley Field location is a new one this year and opens up on November 24th, which is also Black Friday. The main location is open now. You betcha that I will be going to both locations this year, and getting my fill of German food. I’m a sucker for it! I will also be stocking up on some gifts for friends and family while I am there.

Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: $100 and Under for Her

Now, to the main event. Above, you’ll see my guide. I picked these as if I were buying holiday presents for myself! Everything is in there, from bow scarfs (how adorable?!) to Kendra Scott, makeup, sunnies (hey, why not?) and more. Take a look at the links below and be sure to order your special friends/sister(s)/girlfriend/wife something special off of this list!


  1. Bow Muffler Scarf
  2. Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Palette
  4. Love Letters Spinning Necklace
  5. 100% Cashmere Sweater
  6. Mark & Graham Monogram Travel Jewelry Case
  7.  Flex 2 Bangle Activity Tracker Bracelet
  8. Desi Perkins Aviator Sunnies
  9. Madewell Leather Crossbody
  10. Monogram Marble & Wood Serving Board 
  11. Decanter and Whiskey Glasses
  12. Plush Throw Blanket

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