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The 12 Days of Shopping Day 2: Tech Gift Guide

December 6, 2017

The 12 Days of Shopping Day 2: Tech Gift Guide




After a successful day one of my first ever 12 days of shopping gift series, I thought I would bring to you something out of the norm. This gift guide was designed for anyone on your wishlist. I tried to keep it gender neutral, but couldn’t resist adding in the smartwatch and the iPhone cases as a touch for those basic gals like myself out there.

These are all awesome items that I would pick for myself, my boyfriend, or anyone else. I love giving gifts and what better way to showcase my taste for gift giving then this handy guide? I am sure all of these gifts will come in handy for 2018 and beyond.

My favorites on the list: The MICHAEL Michael Kors smartwatch, the marble iPhone case, the activity tracker, the sport wireless headphones, and the Bose sound system. The one place that I found all of these great gifts was on Nordstrom’s website, actually. I never realized how many tech gadgets they actually carried before making this list and seeing a lot of these on other bloggers’ gift guides as well.

Enjoy these gifts and others like it – be sure to click on any of these links, or…

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How To Have a More Productive Week

August 11, 2017

If you saw my last Instagram post, you will know that I’ve had sort of a draining week. And, because I work from home (an environment I normally thrive in), this means I have to keep my week as productive as possible. I decided to do my research, ask everyone, and compile a list of things that will help me, and hopefully, help you in the future.

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My Favorite Things: June 2017 Edition

June 2, 2017

Don’t you just wish you had summers off again like you did when you were in school?

I sure do. That’s why my first edition of My Favorite Things is going to be everything summer!

Munching on [food]: There’s nothing I love more than a patio on a warm, summery day. I’m jonesing to go back to Earl’s patio this summer and indulge in a juicy burger.

On another note, I plan on visiting one of my favorite spots – Evanston, IL, for Buffalo Joe’s buffalo wings. OMG, this place is fantastic and has been featured as some of the best wings in Chicago. I. Cannot. Wait.

Sitting on [furniture/decor]: My patio furniture for the deck is on its way! I cannot wait to share the pieces that I ordered. I ordered them from Wayfair (where I get most of my furniture), and I will be reviewing it soon!

I also have been wanting to start revamping furniture and selling it on the side. The only problem is the lack of space in my garage! We’ll see if I actually attempt it…

Wearing out [fashion]: I have a number of outfits ready to go out on this blog! I’m due for another photo shoot this week (weather pending) and will have some fun shots up momentarily. Lately, I’ve been checking out the dress section at Bloomingdales. I can’t wait to show you my favorites!

Listening [music]: I’m seeing Rise Against in Chicago next week, the same day their new album comes out. I have been following this band since I was a freshman in high school. I also hold them near and dear to my heart because they are from the Chicagoland area. Give their new single a listen.

Watching [TV & Movies]: I have a strange addiction to Mr. Robot. It is about a hacker with mental issues, and the takedown of a conglomerate. Not my usual show, but the struggle is real here. I am starting season 2 as we speak.

I have Wonder Woman on the list of movies to see this weekend. Have you seen it yet? Tell me what you think!!

Until next time,

Steph Shakes