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Summer is Here + Weekend Recap

May 31, 2017

While technically summer begins in late June, This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day, which kicks off summer (unofficially).

Memorial day is not just about starting summer off on a good note, but also about remembering those who lost their lives while serving in the military.

We decided to get some cool shots of Chicago by visiting Navy Pier, which is located in downtown Chicago. Over 100 years old, Navy Pier is a beloved tourist spot to Chicago. They recently revamped the pier, and boy was it packed! We grabbed a margarita and headed to the water to shoot.


Tank Top | Shorts Shoes | Tote Bag

I chose this outfit from the Loft because it was easy, breezy and comfortable. My colors this summer are definitely navy and red and felt like the best thing to wear for this holiday weekend. It made maneuvering around tourists that much easier.

On our way back, we stopped by Molly’s Cupcakes for a yummy dessert. I chose the Key Lime Pie cupcake and Andy chose the Chocolate Raspberry. We ate them so fast, we forgot to document in a picture!

After, we enjoyed an evening stroll on the beach. We finished the weekend off at a Memorial Day party at a friend’s. Needless to say, it was a relaxing and fun-filled weekend. Nothing makes me happier than when it gets warm and the sun comes out!



Tips For Working at Home

November 11, 2016

tips-for-working-at-homeI’ve been working from home for almost a year now. While I can say it is for me (a somewhat social introvert), I must say that it is not for everyone. I decided to school you if you are thinking about doing it. Starting with…

Your Social Life – Make a Promise to Yourself.

When I decided to work from home, I did it because I was at a high-stress toxic office job, and I found that while I’m a great communicator, I work the best when no one is looking over my shoulder. It did mean cutting coworkers out of my day-to-day activities. I made the resolution to stay in touch with my beloved coworkers, and to strengthen my friendships. Turns out, my tiredness went away as soon as I started working from home, giving me more time to plan outings with my friends. My social like couldn’t be any better!

Organizing Time:

I am now able to sleep in by 45 minutes now that I don’t have any commute at all. But I make sure I get up at the same time every day. 7:30 works best for me, earlier if I’m going to the gym in the morning. From then I use the first hour of work (9 ish) to answer emails and get started for the day. Two hours I work but make sure to take 5-10 minute breaks in between. I get up and walk around my apartment or have a healthy snack. I deal with client accounts so I organize what parts I’ll do first into two hour or hour blocks. Noon is the time that I take my hour lunch break and/or go outside for a walk. Then the rest of the day is spent doing those same blocks of time until its 5 PM and I can unplug.


My eating habits have improved since working from home, contrary to what most people would probably do. I make sure to stock the fridge with healthy meals, and I meal prep salads for lunch. I just grab and go! Saving on the commute time also lets me enjoy longer workouts. I’m no longer anxious all the time too (bonus).


While I do not make as much as I could make working corporate, working from home is a trade off. I save on transportation, put fewer miles on my car, and save the planet at the same time! Win-win.



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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 + Highlights So Far

September 8, 2014

New York Fashion Week is upon us. And while I’ll have my final favorites for Spring 2015 up soon, I thought I’d highlight my top 5 what I’ve loved so far. Check out some of the Ready to Wear look galleries on in the meantime.


Diane von Fursternberg 



Hervé Léger by Max Azria



Trina Turk



Monique Lhuillier



Kate Spade New York 


A combination of feminine prints, colors and lines with mod looks of the 60’s makes me so excited for Spring 2015.

Yours Truly,


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Why I’ll Always Wear White After Labor Day + Tips

August 29, 2014

 The whole not wearing white after Labor Day “rule” is OUT (and archaic). I continue to wear white through September, especially since I live in the desert and shorts take up a large portion of my closet. I simply use less white in my wardrobe and make sure my main pieces are dark colored or bolder patterns. If you’re going to wear a full on white piece of clothing later in the fall and in winter, just choose an off-white (Vogue approved).   I find white to be classy and clean, but please don’t wear bright whites in the snow (exception – ski wear)! Men, these rules pertain to you as well. Esquire has a great post on tips and tricks. Here are some ideas:

  • If I wear white shoes, I stick to sandals with other detailing or a black, brown or navy and white pattern.
  • Stick to darker colors, or the classic black and white.
  • Limit to one article of clothing, such as a white tee or top with a nice burgundy cardi. Or do white bottoms (i prefer off-white in this case) and a rich in color sweater, charcoal gray, etc. For shoes I like a nice brown boot. Michael Kors has some great examples of this for men and women.

What I’ll be wearing this September.

White After Labor Day White After Labor Day

|Portofino Shirt + Shorts|

P.S. I’m working with a couple of Vegas clients on their wardrobes this upcoming week. I will have some Fall personal shopping excursions to share with you soon! Please fill out a form here if interested in hearing more about Personal Shopping.

Yours Truly,


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My (early) Fall Picks + Inspiration

August 21, 2014


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{Find Your Picks Below}

Leather Pants + Sweater | Men’s Suit Jacket | Bordeaux Coat + Sweater | Men’s Denim Jacket Look | Women’s Leather Jacket | Men’s Plaid Shirt | Women’s Shirt + Sweater Combo

Recently I was in Santa Monica and Hollywood visiting a friend. While visiting I soaked up the fashion both men and women were wearing. People in L.A. have an advantage to the rest of the country – they get to enjoy perfect weather 365 days a year. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect to show off the latest fashion. While walking around Santa Monica I noticed a mix of grungy Kurt Cobain-esque kids walking around in cut-off jean shorts, crop tops, red tartan plaid shirts tied around their waists, and chunky shoes like doc-martins. And then with the more sophisticated looking mod-wear on our upper 20’s and up crowds. Personally, I LOVE the sophisticated mod look. The grunge I’m not so sure about, but I managed to find a few looks off of for inspiration to my fall shopping list. The leather jacket and bordeaux Michael Kors coat I’m dying to buy! Let me know what you like!

Yours Truly,


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Mint + White + Navy: My New Summer Staple

August 18, 2014

DSC_0421 DSC_0441


Shorts | Sweater |Sandals| Bag

I’m pretty obsessed with mint nowadays. During all the Memorial Day sales I picked up these ultra-comfortable mint shorts and this white sweater, both from Gap. I got them both for 40% off, as I love Gap’s sales. I usually don’t walk in there unless there’s a sale or if I have a coupon. Anyway, I LOVE this white sweater. It’s perfect for cool summer evenings and you can throw it on with basically anything. I took it to Chicago for Fourth of July as it was a bit chilly that weekend, and this past weekend I wore it on the Santa Monica Pier at night. I always like having a nice white sandal during the summer months, and a navy tank should always be a closet staple as well. This bag I’ve been taking on all my travels and to work, got it 50% off. They have a range of colors to choose from in that bag. Very Kate Spade. People are always surprised when I tell them I got it from The Limited. This relaxed yet polished look definitely fitted the California atmosphere this past weekend. Now I’m just dreaming of being back at the beach!


Yours Truly,


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My First Post

August 9, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Seeing that this is my first blog post ever, I wanted to give you a little inside to my life and what The Shop On Call is about:

First of all, this is my first real blog, and I wanted something to be side-by-side with the start-up I’m creating, which is a personal shopping service for anyone, of any age, of any budget, in any place. Pretty easy? Yup! I’d love to invite you to reach out to me and let me know how I can help you! I am your personal concierge of sorts. We’ll talk, laugh, and you will get to know me as I will get to know you. I’m available by appointment via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or whatever you want!

The point is– I’m welcoming you into my life so you can learn more about me. Online personal shopping (or virtual personal shopping as I would like to call it) is not just a one-way street. You want to be comfortable with whoever you choose to help you create your own personal style.

So about me- Well I’m a west coast lady with a midwest heart. I’m between Chicago and Las Vegas all the time. I grew up mostly in the suburbs near Chicago, which means I learned how to brave the cold and I have good taste in food (Loumalnati’s deep-dish pizza anyone?). I love baking, crafting, and classic movies. I have a wicked sense of humor, which I am sure will creep out at some point on this blog. Until then, here’s more about me:

  •  I call both Las Vegas and Chicago home
  • My favorite season is fall – mainly because you can buy pumpkin everything and, well.. Football!
  • I landed my first fashion internship on Chicago’s famed Oak Street my senior year of High School when I was just 18.
  • Kate Middleton (the Duchess) is my hero.
  • I have a distaste for Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream… The color mint on everything else, I adore.
  • On my spare time I enjoy designing lingerie and formal wear.
  • I’m addicted to Pinterest, Nordstrom, baking, and the Chicago Bears.
  • I’m a Sigma Kappa Alumna.
  • I’ve worked for popular names such as Luca Luca, Nordstrom, and Michael Kors.
  • When I was a toddler, I would wake up and tell my mom, “Let’s go shopping!”… And that’s when my obsession began!


Showing off my Bears jersey ;)

Showing off my Bears jersey 😉

I can’t wait to start sharing my life with you!

 Your’s Truly,